Cue the Color!!

27 May

For as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with nail polish. Since I like to pinch pennies where ever possible, I’ve ALWAYS bought the $2 bottles of polish at the drug store. And while there’s nothing really wrong with that… I’ve finally seen the light. After hearing time and time again that Essie makes the greatest nail polish in the world, I finally caved and spent $8 U.S. dollars on ONE bottle of polish. It kind of broke my heart to spend that much money on something that would eventually chip and be removed… even while checking out I was still skeptical of my purchase. Once I got home, I immediately started doing my nails. I applied three thin layers of Turquoise and Caicos… and I was hooked. The more expensive polish went on so smooth and mostly streak free, the color was AMAZING and so bright. I applied a top coat to give it that little extra shine and to also protect my new investment. I can now go about a week chip free.. I could probably go longer but I’ve since bought three more Essie polishes and I love them all so much, I keep switching them up!

For good Essie deals, check Amazon.. you can get some of the colors for around $5-$6 a pop. Also, sign up for beauty site (like e-mail’s.. I scored three bottles for $16 (shipped) by a B2G1 promo they were having PLUS a $5 off coupon code. I paid $11 for three bottles of polish and $5 for shipping! Not too shabby!!

.Turquoise & Caicos.

.Cute as a Button.


.Status Symbol.


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