My So-Called Life

30 May

I have no idea how I missed this show when it was shiny and new.. but I did. And now thanks to Netflix streaming, I’ve been able to have a “My So-Called Life” marathon on this long Memorial Day weekend!

It’s one of those shows that defined the 90’s, at least in my humble opinion. It was on the air when shows like “Friends” and “Beverly Hills 90210” reigned supreme. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED 90210.. those pretty Walsh kids and all their rich friends made for fun bubble-gum pop TV, but “My So-Called Life” was a different type of show. Sure it had it’s pretty people but those pretty people went through some deep shit! It was grungy…  the teenage angst, the incredible fashions, the romances, the high school drama.. in a time when high school was actually fun, and of course all the plaid! Watching it brought out my 15-year-old self… I felt like I was right back in highschool, in my room at my parents house listening to Alanis Morissette, and hating the world. It made me think about my own “Jordan Catalano”. And I might even roll my eyes at my Mom the next time I see her.. you know, just for old times sake!

After the first season, ‘My So-Called Life” got the axe.. I guess it couldn’t compete directly with “Friends” (hell, who could?) and apparently Claire Danes felt like the demanding schedule was interfering with her school work (she is a smart cookie, after all) so the show was cancelled. That’s probably not the only reason they cancelled it.. but Claire did play the always conflicted Angela Chase, whom which the show kind of revolved around. I’m sure they could have replaced her.. but that usually doesn’t go well. In this case I think it’s better to burn out than to fade away. RIP “My So-Called Life”, I was about 17 years late but I still love you!!

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