Sooo Close…

1 Jun

Yet, so far away. Bonnaroo 2011 is only 7 days away, 5 working days.. not that I’m counting or anything! I wasn’t even sure if I was going this year.. to be honest the line-up is kind of “meh” to me, especially since it’s the TENTH ANNIVERSARY! But I’m kind of thankful. Last year was so jammed packed with lots of my favorite bands that I was constantly stage hopping to catch the shows I so desperately wanted to see. This year I can chill a little bit, explore the farm beyond the stages. I plan on checking out the shopping in Centeroo, getting my dance on at the Silent Disco, peruse the Shakedown Street vendors, get to know my neighbors a little bit better.. you know the experience that is Bonnaroo! I think that’s what made me the most sad to miss it this year, not missing Eminem, The Black Keys, Lil Wayne, and Girl Talk.. but to miss the experience. I was so happy to find a ticket so last-minute and below face! I absolutely can’t wait. I only have a couple more purchases to make before I’m officially ready.. I knocked out some biggies this weekend. I ran into Academy Sports on a whim and they just happened to have an E-Z Up canopy on sale for $49.99, so I grabbed the last one they had (they must have flown off the shelves, I was there early) and I also picked up a O2Cool personal fan/mister combo for $4! Total score if you ask me!!

Next week I need to pick up a couple of things at the Dollar Tree, which has turned out to be a GREAT ‘Roo supply store. They have rope, zip ties, windshield reflectors, batteries, trail mix, granola bars, breakfast bars, pretzel and cheese dippers, first aid kit meds, glow sticks, toilet paper, and LOTS of other useful things for only a buck a pop!! Can’t beat that!!

I have to admit.. I’m getting kind of EXCITED!!



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