Weekend Get-A-Way

6 Jun

These mean it was a GREAT weekend!! It was quite lovely and super relaxing!

I spent Saturday and most of Sunday at my parents house in my hometown. Mom and I got to spend some quality time lounging around the pool, doing a little shopping, making the most delish and EASY pasta salad, making pirate eye patches for her VBS that’s coming up, and bouncing crafting ideas off one another. Overall, this weekend was a success.

It’s weird, as I’ve gotten older I actually ENJOY hanging out with my parents. I couldn’t have paid my 17-year-old self enough money in this world to hang out with my Mom way back then.. no way Jose! But now it’s different, I appreciate them more for everything they’ve helped me with and allowed me to do in my 26 years in existence. I doubt I was an easy teenager to raise, so the fact that I’m still alive and never got knocked into next week for one of my many sarcastic and “know it all” comments really says something about how tolerate my parents are. Now when I witness a little spat between my Mom and my little brother.. I usually end up telling him to “Cut her some slack”, “Just be nice”, and “If you’re cool, she’s cool”. Ahhh, the wisdom that comes from an older sister! Haha. Of course, he usually rolls his eyes at me too.. but I like to THINK it’s because he knows I’m right. And I don’t really mind if he rolls his eyes, I’m not the one in trouble!! He’ll learn someday!!

Now if I can just make it to Thursday morning without going insane from Bonnaroo excitement it will be a miracle!!

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