Miss You ‘Roo

16 Jun

Being at work might actually be torture. TORTURE!!

Not that I’m complaining about having a job… but after spending four carefree and amazing days on the Bonnaroo farm, snapping back into real life has been quite the adjustment. It was the most perfect weekend.

The weather was great, of course it was hot (it is June in Tennessee after all) but there was a constant breeze that kept everything nice and light. And I have to toot my own horn for a second, using sheets as canopy walls at our campsite was the BEST IDEA OF ALL TIME!! No seriously. I saw lots of people using heavy plastic tarps… and while those would work, they don’t allow for a breeze to wisp through your camp like my Goodwill $2 hand tie dyed sheets did! And they looked cute as hell with my newly purchased pink top canopy! Isn’t that the most important part? LOL.

Another great plus to the weekend was not having to wait in line for HOURS to enter the campgrounds. We literally pulled off the interstate and went through the tolls in about 15 minutes! Some folks waited over 8 hours to enter the festival! INSANE. I feel totally lucky because I HATE waiting in the car. We also had a pretty prime camping spot. It was in the Luke Skywalker camp which was about a 10 minute walk from Centeroo and I bet we had some of the cleanest bathrooms and shortest vendor lines in all of the grounds. I couldn’t be happier with this years camping experience!

This is only my second year going but I can tell that they are making changes for the positive all over the place. A lot of people complained about not receiving an actual ticket this year, while that does make me a little sad because I love a concert ticket.. I am all for the new wristbands they started using. There are pro’s and con’s of course but overall I think the new wristbands are the bomb. When you enter the tolls they scan you in and anytime you enter or exit Centeroo. The only problem with this is, that there is a line of about 10 to 15 scanning stalls that are constantly beeping. When you walk through it’s hard to hear your own beep.. so if you enter Centeroo and THINK you hear your beep (when it actually wasn’t your beep) and go on your merry way and then later try to exit Centeroo through the exit scanners your wristband won’t beep because technically you were never beeped in.. does that make sense? Probably not but those tearful 18-year-old girls who were pulled out of line because their wristbands didn’t work know what I’m talking about!

One thing they changed that I HATED was the bathroom situation inside of Centeroo. Last year there were lines of port-a-potty’s all over the place, the line was never too terribly long and they were easy to find. This year they decided to go with bathroom sections (for lack of a better term). They grouped about 50 port-a-potty’s together and put them under a tent.. great idea in theory but those bathroom lines were about 50 people deep at all times and all the line cutters made it really hard to get to the front of the line! I never once used the bathroom in Centeroo… who’s got that kind of time to wait for the bathroom? Certainly not I!

Another thing I WISH they would improve is the water stations. There are two different kinds. One is the filtered water stations that are scattered over Centeroo and the second is the water trough (as I’ve started calling them). The filtered water stations are a joke. There are about 10 water spouts per station and by Saturday the water pressure is so far down that they barely work! The troughs are great except that I only found ONE the entire time I was in Centeroo.. they must have been hiding! Even though the water is unfiltered, I really can’t taste the difference.. maybe a tad more sulfur but it’s really not bad. Plus, the line for the trough was WAY shorter than the filtered water stations, so I didn’t feel like I was going to die from dehydration while waiting in the crazy long line to get water. What I really don’t get is why they make people dump their Camelbak’s and bottles at the gate. I mean, I guess people could be carrying in straight vodka but c’mon dudes! We’re dumping cool, fresh water and then having to stand in line for an hour to refill our water supply while shoulder to shoulder, back to back, front to back with all of Bonnaroo. It’s exhausting!!

I really can’t complain though, I ended up getting my ticket for under face and had an AMAZING time. Ahhh, Bonnaroo you will be missed! Until next year, my love!! Until next year…

Ps. There’s a Music of Bonnaroo post coming up, so stay tuned!!


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