‘Roo the Raccoon

23 Jun

Many moons ago I would drop $100 no problem on merch at shows… I have tubes and tubes, full of event posters that I’ll never actually have a use for. And these babies aren’t cheap either.. we’re talking around $35 a pop! These days I keep my “extra” purchases to a minimum.. I like to think that just going to a show and experiencing it is enough of a memory BUT sometimes I can’t help myself. Do you see where I’m going with this? I think you do…

When I visited the merch stand at Bonnaroo this year I saw a couple of things I was drawn to.. the number one item being the super adorable raccoon line-up print. They had a couple of t-shirts that were really cute but way too pricey for me, considering I hardly EVER wear t-shirts. But right away I could see “Roo the Raccoon” hanging proudly in my living room, or maybe the downstairs bathroom. BUT I was a good girl and I left the counter empty-handed. Since that weekend I’ve had thoughts of regret because that cute little raccon isn’t hanging in my home somewhere. WELL, while reading Inforoo last night I ran across a link to purchase the super adorable Bonnaroo print. After I get paid next Thursday it shall be mine!! I don’t think I can live without it!!

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