Pretty Print

3 Jul

Happy July! I really love the 4th of July weekend.. my little brother’s birthday is actually the 4th! He’s a fireworks baby.. when he was little he thought the parade and fireworks that they have every year in my hometown, were for him. It was adorable. Love that kid! My hometown really does it up to celebrate Independence Day.. there’s the parade, a dance in town square, a huge fireworks display, and of course the awesome activities at the courthouse – post parade. And the one, two-mile road that is “town” gets pretty much impossible to travel through because of ALL the traffic and people. It’s a big deal and EVERYBODY comes out for it. I like it because it’s a great time to catch up with old friends that I don’t get to see very often. So yeah, it’s a pretty fun weekend. I give it two thumbs up.

The 4th will be fun but today was pretty great as well. Mom came over and we had a mini shopping spree, mostly because of the AWESOME deals we scored today. Mom totally scored atJcPenney’s! She picked up a pair of earthy tones plaid shorts, a really cute sundress, this bathing suit, and these “Jesus sandals”. Anytime she said it I couldn’t help but smile. Even now I’m smiling. To hear my pretty religious Mother say that really tickled me. It was cute! She also bought me the CUTEST own ring. And I think for everything she only paid $90 bucks. Not bad if you ask me!!

We’re going on a cruise (!!!) at the end of September and we both have been on a look out for new bathing suits and she really needed a couple of new things. And of course, I was happy to help pick some things out and give my (oh so stylish, HA) opinion.

We grabbed a bite to eat for lunch and then checked out Marshall’s. We always split up in there because I like to check out the clothes/hang bags and she likes to hit up the housewares. I plowed through the dress section, grabbed a bathing suit, and two shirts.. looking at me you would have thought I had money to spend or something. LOL. After a trip to the dressing room I walked out with a REALLLLLY cute maxi dress, that I cannot WAIT to wear and one of my favorite bathing suits I’ve ever owned. It’s so flattering, while still funky and cool. Mom, very sweetly bought the dress for me (thanks!!) and I HAD to have the swim suit.. so I spent the $25 and splurged a little. Mom also racked up.. when I found her she was pushing a buggy FULL of the prettiest bath towels… super soft white with little dragonflies embroidered along the hem. Very cute.

As my brother would say “Overall, pretty good day”.

(I love the colors in my new maxi dress!)


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