The White Stripes

5 Jul

I received the eighth Vault package last Saturday and it’s taken me all week to go through it. I’ve really enjoyed this one.. the White Stripes are the reason I signed up for a membership to begin with so it’s nice to get a package that’s exclusively White Stripes! I got a Live in Mississippi, 2LP recording of their 2007 show. The 7″ features some of the earliest recordings the White Stripes ever made, and there’s a Under Moorhead Lights All Fargo Night dvd… that show is from 2000. The quality isn’t great but technology wasn’t what it is now.. they probably made do with what they had. I kind of liked it because it gave the show a cool vibe, like I was watching a personal home video or something. Kinda neat, I dunno? So yeah, I’ve been a little bit of a White Stripes kick… it makes me a little sad that they’ve called it quits because that means I’ll probably never see them live. The sadness, I know.

It’s gotta be tough working with your ex though. I don’t think I could do it… even if there was LOTS of money involved. I have no idea why.. but Jack always refers to Meg as his big sister. Which is kind of gross because they were actually married. Being the strange bird that he is, Jack took Meg’s last name.. and the rest is history! Either way, brother/sister or husband/wife.. I still love them!!


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