Lyric Love :: Born This Way

14 Jul

So I’m starting this new thing called “Lyric Love”, I’m obviously a music nut and random lyrics get stuck in my head and then really stick with me. Since the boss ladies are out of the office today, I’ve declared it a “Day of Gaga”. So far I’ve made it through the “Born this Way” album and next up is “The Fame Monster”. Both are GREAT albums that make me want to dance in my pants!!

Isn’t that an incredible lyric? Sometimes I get so bogged down with things such as work, bills, and always trying to do the right thing (by other people’s standards)… it can be a little overwhelming at times. Another thing that weighs me down is the expectations of others… I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum, BUT I can’t say it doesn’t bother me a teeny tiny bit when people ask me “Oh, are you married?” and then look at me all crazy when I tell them “No”. Like being married is what I’m supposed to be working toward? I missed that memo, I think. Of course, it’s on my mind but not to the extent where I’m out “man hunting” every day of my life. I’m perfectly capable of being happy with or without a man. I also feel my biological clock ticking.. Yes, I’m only 26 but I’d like to have kids (if I’m going to have them) in my early 30’s. So timeline wise, that’s kind of creeping up.. but I will say this… I know there’s one thing I’m NOT doing. I’m NOT bringing a precious baby into this world with some loser guy. That just spells disaster to me… SO until I find Mr. Right, babies and marriage are just going to have to wait. And I refuse to feel bad about it anymore!!

Wow, that got a little ranty. Oops!!


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