Bethenny’s the Best

17 Jul


No, for real. Like the total best. Seeing her speak today at the SHE expo was amazing. She’s such a real and genuine person, that really know’s her stuff and actually has her head screwed on straight! She talked about Jason and Bryn (of course), Skinny Girl Margarita’s (of course), business, relationships, dealing with in-laws, being on the Real Housewives of new York City.. you know, basically everything I wanted her to talk about. She even tossed in a Ramona joke during her cat walk. It was great seeing so many woman supporting her and what she’s made for herself… it really is inspiring. She really stands by dreaming big and really going for it, which I think is great!

I didn’t really get to check out the vendors that much.. so the plan for tomorrow is to get there early and do some browsing! I’m super excited to see Martha Stewart!!


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    […] I went to the SHE expo, with a friend to see Bethenny Frankel speak (you can read about that right here). Sunday was alllll about Martha Stewart. I’ve never watched her show (because I’m a […]

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