17 Jul


Whatta day!! Actually, whatta weekend!! It seems like for the past two months I’ve been spending my time attending baby showers, wedding showers, house-warming parties, and weddings… no personal time for ANYTHING. I wouldn’t have missed any of those events for the WORLD but it was nice to have a little bit of ME time this weekend!

Friday night was perfect.. my most favorite couple in the world hosted a bonfire and booze night, which is EXACTLY what I needed after the crazy week I’d had. It was great! We sat around the bonfire shooting the shit, listening to old country music, and laughing until we cried. I took my left over fireworks from the 4th and while the boys were inside… doing whatever it is boys do inside, the girls and I had a sparkler dance party! It was so fun! Hopefully we can all get together and do it again soon!!

On Saturday I went to the SHE expo, with a friend to see Bethenny Frankel speak (you can read about that right here). Sunday was alllll about Martha Stewart. I’ve never watched her show (because I’m a working gal) but as a crafter, she is one of my true inspirations! She’s made her living being a strong believer in herself, her MANY talents, and her AMAZING cooking skills. I’m so glad she came to our little spot in the world… she even visited the Chattanooga Market and had lunch at Bea’s Restaurant!

Having never been to an “expo” before, I really had no idea what to expect but I have to say… I was pleasantly surprised! They had alllll kinds of vendors geared towards women… AND they were all giving away fabulous prizes! I got my eyebrows waxed for FREE, thanks to the Splash Salon!! Overall, it was a fantastic experience and if the speakers for next year are as great as this years, I will definitely be back!!

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