More Awesome People…

17 Jul

…hanging, with more awesome people!! This site is so lovely. I really do love all these great photographs. They’re beautiful. Ps. Check out this post for more loveliness.

(Salvador Dali and Coco Chanel)

(Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Liam Neeson)

(Liam Neeson is so yummy)

(Sonny Bono, Cher, Twiggy)

(Paul Rudd and Paul McCartney)

(This is one of my favorites)

(Chevy Chase and John Belushi)

(Kate Moss, Johnny Depp, and Iggy Pop)

(Anthony Perkins and Audrey Hepburn)

(The fawn is the sweetest thing ever)

(Janis Joplin and Tina Turn)

(Andy Warhol and Mick Jagger)


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