Super Specs!!

18 Jul

I’ve been wearing glasses/contacts since the 5th grade! My first pair of glasses were a rosie-pink wire pair.. at the time they were adorable but now I see old pictures and think “so 90’s!”. I then went to a pair of little brown rectanglely frames… after those I splurged on a rockin pair of DKNY purple rectangle frames with a hint of orange at the temple… VERY cute. I actually still have those, I really do love the frames.. I might need to update the lenses to my current ‘script just so I can wear them again!! After those I went a little crazy on Zenni Optical and bought like 10 pairs of cheapo’s that have all served their purpose. My favorites were a pair of rectangle frames with dark pink on the top of the frame and light pink on the bottom. I still have them as well. ❤

So yeah, I kind of LOVE glasses. Right now I’m in a “contacts” phase.. mostly because I LOVE wearing sunglasses in the spring and summer!! I think I’ve found where my I want my next pair to come from… Warby Parker has some amazingly awesome frames and even better prices ($95 + free shipping + 30 day returns)!! Their style is vintage inspired and so very beautiful. They also have a little dealio where you can pick 5 frames for AT HOME TRY ON.. you have 5 days to make a decision, then you ship them back (on them!), place your order and BAM the perfect pair of glasses! Isn’t that great? That’s the one thing I ALWAYS worry about when ordering glasses online, “what if they don’t fit right or look how I think they will fit?!”. Warby Parker takes care of ya!!

These five are my dream team…






Ps. Their sunglasses are to DIE for. Check ’em out!!


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