I’m as Free as my Hair

28 Jul

I have my first legit hair appointment in YEARS!! Yes, I said YEARS. I don’t get very many haircuts mostly because it’s so damn expensive and honestly.. because I have trust issues. When I was in middle school and high school (and didn’t pay to get my hair did) my Mom always let me to the same salon she used at the time. Now that I’m on my own and it’s becoming harder and harder to drop $100 on hair cuts I’ve been going to places like Super Cuts and Great Clips because the price  is fantastic for the trims I’ve been getting the last couple of years. Plus, my friend Amanda (imagine that, some else named Amanda) works at the Great Clips closest to me and she does an amazing job doing exactly what I want her to do… “Trim the bangs and snip the tips please”. The only thing I don’t like about these kinds of places is they get you in and out as fast as possible, which I totally get because when you’re charging $20 bucks for a haircut you have to get as many people in and out as possible just to make a dollar! So I’m not hatin’, alls I’m saying is… I want something more. I want an experience!! I want to go into a salon have a consultation with a stylist who can pick up on my personal style and give me a ‘do that suits me. And I’m not gonna lie, I’m reaalllllyyyyy looking forward to getting my hair washed. Not that I don’t do it myself (obv) but there’s something so very relaxing about having it done at a salon! The shampoo and conditioner they use smells A-MAZ-ING. Amazing!! I can’t wait!! So Saturday morning, that’s where I’ll be.. getting my hair did at The Bridge Salon downtown!! Here are some pictures I’m taking as inspiration for my stylist…

(images found via google image search)

Ps. Thanks to Lady Gaga for the title inspiration!! Check out THIS VIDEO of Gaga’s live performance of Hair on Howard Stern!

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