29 Jul

Gotta get down on Friday? Lame I know.. but who doesn’t just LOVE Fridays?!?! I know I do. Like, a lot. A WHOLE LOT. I have a pretty fantastical little weekend mapped out.

Friday: Last day of the work week (woo hoo!!), run payday errands, bake cookies to take to Melanie’s for a much-needed movie night… complete with taco salads and a super awesome summery pink lemonade vodka cocktail. YUM!!

Saturday: Gettin’ my hair did and then working on a face-lift project I’ve been meaning to do for MONTHS. Literally. Then Saturday evening I’m heading to Manchester to see my friend’s band play. Should be a pretty rockin’ time!

Sunday: No plans really… which are my favorite kind of days. The possibilities are endless!!

Here’s what making me smile RIGHT THIS SECOND…  work wise, I actually got completely caught up today. If you ask me, it’s a great way to start the weekend!

Ps. I totally lucked out on Avett Brother’s tickets this morning. Come October 28th. Rachel and I are going to be sitting section 1 row 1, seats 15 and 16. TOTALLY FUCKING RAD… I know!! I couldn’t be more excited!!

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