What’s Up Weekend?

31 Jul

This weekend was a BLAST and much-needed…  like most weekends it flew by way too fast! It was a very social weekend filled with a lot of my favorite people. My good friend is going out-of-town for a couple of weeks so we had to get some quality “hang time” in before she departs! We had a great night at Coconut Bay in Manchester on Saturday watching a friend’s band jam down. They haven’t played in 3 months and you can definitely tell they’ve missed it… Chad’s solo was badass! He don’t care to beat the crap out of his drum kit. I love watching him drum because he is really good and has lots of cool drumming skillz.. lots of stick flipping, spins, and around the neck type things. It’s so cool to watch!! At the next show I’m going to try to capture it on video.

(Camp Normal JAMMIN’ down)

(“Shake Ya Tailfeather”)


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