August so far…

4 Aug

I’ve been doing a lot of this lately…

August has been pretty chill so far… despite having a lot going on that’s been very worrisome but pretty exciting! At the beginning of July I applied at Chattanooga State and got accepted into the cosmetology program (I seriously love hair), did the whole financial aid bit, and have been in the process of getting my transcripts and medical records sent… it’s taken longer than I hoped to get everything lined up. I just got access to my Tiger Web account last week and realized that my financial aid hadn’t been applied to my account and therefore I couldn’t register for classes. Booo. I knew something was up, so yesterday I went on campus to the student center and found out that I lacked a chicken pox vaccination (wtf?) and still needed to take an assessment test before my financial aid would be applied to my account. Of course, they only test on M,T,Th and I was there on a W… AND I had just literally left the doctor’s office (I got bit by a spider!) and I was pissed at myself because I could have saved the $25 co-pay! BUT it’s something I must have so I’m just going to go to the health department, hopefully if they don’t take my insurance it won’t be too expensive. So, NEXT MONDAY I MUST GO TAKE THAT FREAKIN’ TEST and GET THE FREAKIN’ SHOT. I must! One little tiny sad note is, I checked the class availability and both (day and night) classes are full as of right now. I’m hoping that maybe something will open up (*crossing fingers*) if not I’m either SOL or I take regular classes. IF they will let me change my major to business… I have two years worth of general curriculum credits under my belt from Tennessee Tech so business wouldn’t be a stretch, it’s something I already deal with in my day-to-day life, and who knows.. maybe one day I’ll own a business… so why not? Ya know? It can only help! So yeah, it’s all very exciting but at the same time it’s a lot of change happening in the next few weeks. I’m a little freaked out but I’m pretty sure it’s all going to work out, regardless of that happens.

Plus, I’ve been so happy because I actually won a blog giveaway for the first time ever!! Sassy Mama in LA has a great little blog with lots of real life advice, music tid bits, and awesome giveaways!! It’s stuff a hip gal like me likes to win! She’s hooking me up with the NuMe Vintage Flat Iron and some NuMe styling products!! Perfect timing with the new hair-do!! AND Saturday night my old flat-iron died a natural death… meaning, I dropped it and it wouldn’t come back on. It was REALLY old and it got the job done… but I’m not going to lie, I’m excited to have a new pricey one! I would never spend the money on one for myself but winning one for myself is totally okay!! I seriously entered every way possible. LOL. I’m excited!!

I just had a total “dear diary” type moment there.


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