The Kills via David Black

12 Aug

Aren’t these photos divine? I’ve flipped through the whole set by David Black about a gazillion times. It’s no secret that I LOVE The Kills, I pre-ordered Blood Pressures on vinyl earlier in the year and pre-gamed by downloading anything and everything they’ve ever put out (a little extreme I know, but when I fall in love… I fall HARD). For months, they are all I seemed to want to listen to.. with good reason too, every single one of their albums are great. Every. Single. One. To me the true test of a band is seeing them live. If their live show can live up to the love I already have for them by just listening to records, then they will have a fan for life…  and of course, they did not let me down. Alison and Jamie rocked so hard, it was unbelievable and hopefully that won’t be the last time I get to see them on stage!! 

Ps. Isn’t Alison such a babe? Check out more love for her right here.


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