The Good Ole Gypsy Rose

28 Aug

Yes, I have been MIA… mostly because I’ve been doing a lot of the same ole, same ole. Things like work, sleep, and little projects and such… things that take lots of time. Anyway, this weekend has been a nice decompressing period. Friday was a girls night with Melanie.. we did dinner and drinks, the usual. And last night was spent with some great friends.. I got some quality “beauty shop” time (aka: gossip time!!) with another AWESOME Amanda (yeah, we travel in packs) and got to listen to my friends, Old Faithful Moon… it was a really fun night at The Gypsy Rose. The crowd was great (there was a lady celebrating her 50th. birthday) and the band was tight. The set was great, Phil’s sunglasses were great, and I loved all the original songs they did!!

(Old Faithful Moon feat. Stacy Wilson)

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