Must See…

31 Aug

It’s no secret that I love live shows… I try to go to as many as possible but living in Chattanooga makes it a tad hard to see every band that strolls through Nashville, Knoxville, or Atlanta… all three are a hefty drive. Especially during the middle of the week AND I’m on a limited budget most of the time so my travel budget is almost non-existant. BUT if I had the monies I would be seeing shows ALL the time. So here’s a quick list of bands I need to see ASAP!!

>><<Pearl Jam>><<

>><<The Foo Fighters>><<

>><<State Champion>><<

>><<Some version of Led Zeppelin would be a dream come true. Robert Plant and Jimmy Page would be ideal!>><<

>><<The Rolling Stones>><<

>><<Fleetwood Mac>><<


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