River Rocks

2 Sep

I am so excited… I say that a lot right? Maybe that’s because I’m easily excitable? Could be… ANYWAY. I was flipping through a local publication and saw an ad for River Rocks in Chattanooga! It’s a 10 day event with all kinds of fun outdoorsy activities that Chattanooga is known for… kayaking at sunset, trail hiking, horse back riding, wine on the walking bridge, and HOT AIR BALLOON RIDES. For years I have been obsessed with riding in a hot air balloon.. but because of price and the fact that no one really does it in the area, I’ve never done it. WELL, on October 1, 2011 that changes!! The hour-long rides are a pricey $250, which is out of my price range… BUT the tethered rides are only $5 a person!! I can totally swing $5 bucks!! Then later that evening they are doing a hot air balloon light show and having “wine on the water”. Sounds like the perfect way to spend the first weekend of October!!


I think I just realized where my love of hot air balloons comes from… has anybody ever seen the movie The Chipmunk Adventure? Alvin and friends race around the world (in hot air balloons) unknowingly transporting diamonds for the evil duo of Klaus and Claudia! It was one of my most favorite movies growing up.. I bought it a few years ago in the $5 DVD bin at Wal-Mart and have watched it a few times since buying it… don’t you just love old childhood movies? But yeah, I’d say that’s where my crazy love comes from!


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