09.02.11>>Never Forget

3 Sep

Last night was awesome.

Started the evening out watching the homecoming game of the Sequatchie County Indians, where they beat the Grundy County Yellow Jackets 17 to 7! The game was tight but the Indians were able to pull out a victory! Even though it was SO hot, I’m glad I went… it was nice to see my sister and her boys (my nephews are the best – great kids.. all THREE of them!) and it was fun to see people I hardly see these days! I’m going to try to make it to a couple more games in October when it cools off! We were MELTING!!

After the game I made it to Moo’s birthday celebration and when I arrived it was obvious that I was behind. So I served a couple of rounds of jello shots waitress style and the night began! At one point ALL of us were on her teeny tiny little porch… chatting, laughing, and having a grand time when ALL OF A SUDDEN we realize the porch is collapsing! It was literally in slow motion… and during this potentially life threatening event Simone yells out “IS THIS REAL LIFE?!”. We all lost it and started cracking up… it was in fact real life and fantastically enough, NO ONE was hurt. Not a bump or scratch harmed ANY of us! It was kind of amazing! Even better? After everyone got safely off the porch we all regrouped in the kitchen for a birthday toast… since we all lost our drinks in The Great Fall of 2011, we needed new ones! A search party was sent out to find missing phones, cameras, lighters, chap stick, and glow sticks… all of which were recovered unscathed. The fella’s went outside for a smoke break while us chicks stayed inside and had very special birthday cake and danced around the kitchen table to the Circle of Life from the Lion King…

LOL. I think we were talking about it coming out in 3D and how awesome that’s going to be! Then Rachel and I had our own little dance party to this new jam that we both lovvvveeeee…

After we refreshed our drinks, we joined the guys around the fire and CW played us a little ditty…

I have to say… even though it was “touch and go” for a minute, Moo’s birthday was awesome. Not that I expected anything less… but let’s be honest… how can any birthday ever live up to that one?! It can’t.


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