Heather & Caleb…

12 Sep

Sitting in a tree!!

My very old friend Heather got married on Saturday! It was totally adorable and SO MUCH FUN. So much fun, I took like two pictures. I am in LOVE with the venue they those… it was this tiny little boat dock restaurant turned reception hall that is on the Tennessee River… it was so lovely. The weather was perfect and the 4:00 o’clock start was perfect… not only was it beautiful outside by the water but it was also halftime of the Tennessee Vols game. LOL. That was no coincidence, Heather is (and has always been) a huge Vols fan! She gets it honest too… her Dad might be the biggest fan I know! Him and my Step-Dad use to get together on Saturdays for games. That’s kind of how Heather and I met, they would watch the game and we would run a muck!! LOL, how funny… I’ve never thought about it until now! So yeah, before the game everybody was inside getting a drink and watching the game. As soon as half time hit, everyone took a seat and watched as Heather and Caleb vowed their love to one another. It was truly special and I’m so glad I was there!! I wish them ALL the happiness in the world!!


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