Early Saturday Morning…

1 Oct

I am so not a morning person… like at all. It’s a miracle if I get to work at 8am during the week. On the weekend? You might as well forget about it… I like my sleep! But this morning was different. I got up at like 6:45am to meet the Rachel’s for a morning hot air balloon experience at Coolidge Park, for River Rocks. They were supposed to be doing tethered rides but because the wind was being a little BITCH, it was deemed unsafe and we weren’t allowed to go up. But not all was lost… they blew up a few of them and made my early morning all worth while! After we had crepe’s at Crepe-A-Delic… I’d never had crepes before, so this was all new and exciting… and you know what? It was pretty tasty! Plus, as we were leaving the owner said “Have a CREPE day”… I had a giggle and then did as he said!


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