Almost Jack White Day

7 Mar

Oh goodness, I am getting so freakin’ excited!! What is today? Wednesday? Yeah… only two and half more days until I see Mister Jack White III at Track 29. I always loved the White Stripes but my love really flourished when he got together with Alison Mosshart and formed the Dead Weather. I LOVE the Dead Weather so very much, they rock so hard… and when I saw them at Bonnaroo two years ago they really blew me away! So needless to say, I’m quite the Jack White fan.

About a month ago, word spread like wild-fire via Facebook that Jack would be kicking off his solo tour in Chattanooga!! I knew tickets were going to be in high demand and would probably sell out within minutes… what I didn’t know then is that they would actually sell out in seconds. I was online and ready at the exact moment tickets were released to the public… I added two tickets in my basket, got to the stupid captcha and the website totally frozen on me. Well me, and about 75,000 others trying to get tickets. Luckily after pretty much giving up, I tried ONE MORE TIME to get just one single ticket… and what do ya know?! IT WORKED!! Yes ma’am, I scored one single ticket to see my beloved Jack White.

It makes me kind of sad to be going alone… but I recently found out that a couple of old friends from high school were able to score tickets as well. So a small reunion might be in order!!



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