Jack White Day…

12 Mar

was AWESOME. In every way, to say the least. I woke up happy… and went to bed with a smile on my face. The day started out pretty typical… with sunshine, a shower, some tunes, and some texts. One text was with a couple of guys I know who were also going to the show. We went to high school together and stay in touch via Facebook. Somehow we came to the conclusion that I just needed to go with them to the show… so there it was, a plan set in motion. They picked me up and couple of hours later and we were on our way to a night that none of us will soon forget.

Once we got to Track29 (totally cute place, by the way) we were greeted with smiles of the folks already in line (they started queuing up around 6 am!!!). The fellas already had their tickets but I had to pick mine up at will-call. So I asked a very lovely lady about the ticket situation and she said I could go on and get my ticket at the ticket booth… which just happen to be on the other side of a piece of bright yellow DO NOT CROSS tape. So I stepped over and away I went. When I got to the ticket booth the ticket lady and I were making small talk about the show and whatever… and all of a sudden she just STOPPED (I thought she was having a problem locating my ticket — since it was a SOLD OUT show I was feeling quite panicked). But she said “Turn around”, so I spun around and OHMYFREAKINGGOD it was Jack White… RIGHT THERE. Like 10 feet away from me and looking RIGHT AT ME. I instinctively gave him the “what’s up” nod… along with giving  him the biggest, most cheese-tastic smile I have. He simply nodded back… then continued into the venue. It was literally the most perfect moment. I knew RIGHT THEN that it was going to be a KICK ASS day. I turned back around and pretty much screamed at her “DID YOU SEE THAT?! HOLY SHIT!!”. I looked around and it was literally ME, the ticket lady, Jack and his lady band… what a fucking moment, right?! I got my ticket and very calmly walked back to my friends… they were like “Did you see Jack’s bus come in? Or did you miss it?” I was like “UM, I JUST FUCKING SAW HIM LIKE RIGHT OVER THERE!! WE HAD A MOMENT!!” They just laughed at me… maybe I’m just crazy but those few small seconds really fucking rocked.

Once we were settled in line we made friends pretty easily with everyone around us… everyone was in such high spirits in anticipation of seeing one of their favorite or soon to be favorite artist. There’s something to be said about the community of music… it feels so good to be surrounded by people with the same level of love for a band that I do. I think it makes the whole experience so electric and alive. We waited in line for over four hours, which is the longest I think I’ve ever waited for anything (LOL)… but with all the good people and excited chatter it really didn’t seem that long. Thank goodness!! About an hour before the doors opened they shuffled us into security lines and at promptly 8 pm the doors were open and people were power walking to the merch stand and to the front of the stage. I of course, went to the stage to stake my claim on some high end property… I ended up about three people back and a little to the right, one guy friend ended up on the rail… while the other was behind me. Once we were settled one by one we snuck off and back into our spots for beers and merch.

Again, we made friends… I must have talked to a hundred people that day (I LOVE MUSIC FANS). There were two teenie boppers in front of me… I totally thought they were going to be total pains but they ended up being REALLY cool. The guy next to me, Matt – was from Nashville… recently moved there from Seattle for music (he’s in a band – I wish I could remember the name)… cool dude. He wore a jacket the whole time, which I didn’t understand because it was hot as all get out but whatever. The tall guy behind me was from Michigan! He was super cool as well. Of course, there was one mood killer… I didn’t get his name but as soon as we got our spots he was like whiney about not being front and center. I drunkenly told him to chill because we’re here and we have a fucking GREAT view. He still complained though… luckily the opening band started and he shut up.

Hell Beach was okay… the singer was an Alison Mosshart wannabe… and let’s just face it. Nobody is Alison Mosshart, except Alison Mosshart. Their music was weird though. The whole set sounded like one long song. No likey. But they were just a small bump in an already awesome road.

Once Hell Beach was done, Jack’s roadies came out dressed to the max… I’m talking three piece suits and bowlers hats. These were the slickest looking roadies I’ve ever seen. I knew this was coming though. When I saw the Dead Weather at Bonnaroo in 2010 it was the same kind of thing. They arranged the stage just right for the man we’d all been waiting for! About 9:05 Jack and his lady band took the stage… he ripped it open with Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground and sang us to sleep about an hour and fifteen minutes later with Goodnight Irene. I could go into each and every song… but without BEING there my words really would do no justice. Just know that it fucking rocked and I feel so lucky to have been there… and so up close. Throughout the set Jack would notice me rocking out to songs or parts that not everybody knew and would kind of jam along with me. Wait, did I just say that Jack White was jamming along with me? LOL, just go with it….

(image by Jo McCaughey )

Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground
Sixteen Saltines
Missing Pieces
Hotel Yorba
Top Yourself
Weep Themselves to Sleep
Cut Like a Buffalo
Slowly turning into You
We are gonna be Friends
Love Interruption
Hypocritical Kiss
Seven Nation Army
My Doorbell
Freedom at 21
Pretty Good Looking (for a Girl)
Ball & Biscuit
Goodnight Irene

That up there is the full set… I love how he mixed in some White Stripes, a little Dead Weather, some Raconteurs, and of course… his amazing new stuff!! My favorites of the evening were Top Yourself, Love Interruption, WAGBF, Hotel Yorba, and Slowly Turning into You… actually… the whole set was pretty great. My total cup of tea!! After the show was over… everyone was high fiving and celebrating the greatness of what we had just witnessed.

Since I’m currently a broke bitch I totally snagged a little signage that TMR had posted around for the event. They didn’t allow photos, videos, or audio of any time. At first it kind of pissed me off because who doesn’t love a good picture? But once I got in there and didn’t have to look around cell phones being held up all night… I was totally okay with it. PLUS, everybody was way more into the show since they didn’t have their pesky phones to worry about!!

And here’s the sticker I snagged at the Merch stand… along with the limited tour edition 45 that one of my guy friends very graciously gave me! Totally sweet!!

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