Pretty Things

22 Mar

Today I took a trip to Fred’s (it’s like a Dollar General) and to the local Goodwill to take in the sights. Here is what I saw…

Moo and I have this running joke that we’re going to start a YouTube channel and call it “The Amanda’s”… we’re actually still working on the name. But anyway, our 10’ish minute video’s would be centralized around what we already do that we find HIGHLARIOUS. The ideas flow best when we’re having a small cocktail and get very in-depth and VERY silly. We’ve got ideas for crafts, music segments, cooking segments… and we’ve already got a Nashville correspondent lined up!

Wow!! that was a long story to explain why this little piece is so FANTASTIC!! Plus, I’ve been know to be called “Sassy Amanda” from time to time. Quite fitting I think!!


I love paper doilies, they are so adorable and at $1 a pack totally affordable!!


POP UP canopies for $49?! Perfect price for all your Bonnaroovians out there!!


I love a cute make-up brush set… I’ve been wanting to paint a set, like what I saw via this pin!


These Goodwill shoes were RAD, don’t ya think?!


Possible vest for one of the fella’s for Rachel’s wedding!!


I fell in LOVE with this leopard top, I thought it would look SO CUTE belted with jeans and ballet flats but alas… it was too big in the sleeves and just didn’t fit quite right (even belted). Sadness.


The neighbors horses are so beautiful, I love those sweet babies!!



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