IMAX Wedding

4 Apr

Over the weekend I had a monster of a wedding on Saturday. It was held at the Tennessee Aquarium IMAX Theater… it’s actually the first wedding AND reception that’s ever been held at the IMAX. Pretty fancy right?

It was a whirlwind of a day… there were dresses to be picked up, goodie bags for out-of-towners to be delivered, Chinese lanterns to test out… and that was all before we were even allowed in the venue. What happened once we were inside the IMAX could only be described as “reality television” worthy.

Let me break this down for you… Since the IMAX is a functioning place of business we weren’t allowed to start setting up until 4:oopm, guests were slated to arrive at 5:00pm, and the ceremony was at 6:00pm. That means that we had ONE SINGLE HOUR to turn the lobby of the IMAX into a grand ceremony to seat THREE HUNDRED people. The hour seemed like minutes but luckily everything got set-up without too much fuss.

After the ceremony, all the guests were ushered into the theater to see Born to be Wild… we then had FORTY FIVE minutes to clear out everything from the ceremony and move in tables, linens, catering, the cake tables, three separate bars, lighting went up, a lounge area was built in the IMAX gift shop, and a photo booth area was assembled. Thankfully, we had lots of help hustling to get everything JUST RIGHT… the team from the IMAX was amazing and the gals from Divine Design were a total life saver!!

Isn’t that CRAZY TOWN, USA though? I think so. Next time I’m calling TLC… I think we might have a great idea on our hands.

















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