Dave Matthews Wannabe

5 Apr

Anybody still watching American Idol totally knows who I’m talking about… the one and only Phillip Phillips. Yes, that’s really his name. I have to say… even though he’s an OBVIOUS Dave Matthews wannabe, I kind of love him. Of course, I’m a HUGE DMB fan so I already dig his sound. What I don’t like is how MUCH he’s like Dave, it’s almost creepy. Dave has a certain awkwardness about him that (in general) most people don’t have… and the way he performs is in that same vein. It’s completely possible that Phillip Phillips has no idea who Dave Matthews is, but I seriously doubt it. It’s just TOO similar. I can’t believe the judges and AMERICA haven’t called his bluff yet!!

Like I said, I totally love him. I just wish he had a style that is all his own, that’s all.

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