Music Midtown 2012!!

27 Apr

Guess who’s excited?! THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE!! Two days ago I read that the two headliners for Music Midtown 2012 are PEARL JAM and the FOO FIGHTERS. Anybody who knows me knows that there are three music men in my life… Jack White, Eddie Vedder, and Dave Grohl. I love them all equally and for many different reasons. So this is like a BIG deal for me, to see both Pearl Jam – who I’ve loved since my high school days and the Foo Fighters – who I’ve probably loved just as long… two bands I’ve been DYING to see for a long while now. It’s like a music miracle! A MUSIC MIRACLE I SAY!! And the best part? This little music miracle is only going to cost me $129. YEP. That’s right. Less than $130 for TWO bands I’d pay $100 a pop to see! HALLELUJAH!!

I’m also pretty stoked about seeing the Avett Brothers again, as well as Florence + the Machine!! AND I have to admit the gangsta inside of me is super pumped about Luda and T.I. (I hope Tiny’s there too, I love her!! haha). OH and guess who else is going to be there? Joan Jett!! Doesn’t get much cooler than that!

YAY!! I finally get to see Dave Grohl and his feather tattoos!! Can’t wait!!

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