Gathered for Love

8 May

Ohmygod… MY BEST FRIEND IS MARRIED. I can’t believe it. I mean, I totally can… they are a GREAT couple. They make me hopeful that good, good love does in fact exist. So YAY!! Congrats to them!! Love you both!!

The week leading up to the wedding was a CRAZY one… our days were filled with nothing but wedding things. Tops on our list was flowers… we spied the floral departments of Publix and Bi-Lo and I have to say, I am more than happy with the quality of flowers from both stores. On Friday we ended up spending around $170 between the two and made out like a total BANDIT. We got TONS of spray roses in cream, coral, and light pink shades… LOTS of white daisies, some coral gerbera daisies, and some dainty babies breath that really added a very vintage feel to the floral aspect of things. Then on the day of we kept most of the spray roses for our bouquets and sent the rest with the wedding planner to decorate with. So yes, we were sitting around Studio H getting our hair done and making not only 5 bouquets for the bridesmaids but also Rachel’s bouquet!! I was totally stressed out because I’ve never made a bouquet but after I kind of figured out a system, it went much quicker and I’m pretty happy with how they all turned out. And last minute I found the coral hand painted feathers I did and added them and OH MAN am I glad I did… I LOVE them!!

While we were at Publix checking out the flowers, we were sucked into their bakery — seriously, everything looked SO yummy. But we were there with cake on the brain so Rachel whipped out her iPhone and showed the VERY nice cake lady what she wanted. It was pretty basic so we knew they could handle it… but when I saw the cake I was seriously blown away by HOW exact it was to the picture Rachel showed. They totally knocked it out of the park… AND best of all, it was lemon flavored and it was totally DELISH. Randy’s grooms cake was a tasty German Chocolate Cake and they had about 150 vanilla cupcakes!! I won’t reveal how much was spent but for the quality, it was a freakin’ STEAL.

And I have to brag on the guys for a minute.. they cranked out ALL of the benches that were used on site… which ended up being around 32 I believe. PLUS they made a KICKASS pergola for the ceremony and man crafted a square arch (if that makes sense) which was also for the ceremony site. It was an entrance of sorts… VERY cute. They did such a good job. They also did ALL of the hauling of things from the house to the venue and did any and ALL cleaning up of the fields. So amazing. They really did do their part… not that I didn’t think they would but you know what I mean!!

But after a crazy few days the actual day of the ceremony went really well… it was relatively stress free and we had a GREAT time. There are LOTS of great memories but now enough words to convey them. But know this… wedding or not, we know how to GET DOWN.



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