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Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat

16 May

I’ve heard from allll over that this Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat is the total cat’s MEOW. And it really does live up to all the hype!! I can seriously paint my nails in the fab color of my choice… and about two minutes later my nails are ready for the top coat to be applied!! It goes on nice and smooth… is totally streak free and best of all? In a HOT minute your new manicure is set and ready to go!! I’ll admit, I’m rough on my nails. I spend my days picking stickers, opening boxes, and being an all around badass. But this top coat will give me AT LEAST a week of awesome nails. Thank you Sally Hansen, thank you!!

SH Insta Dri Top Coat





5 Aug

Warning: This is going to sound like an ad but I swear it isn’t. I just love awesome retailers that offer cute clothes in ALL sizes. We aren’t all a size 4! A friend of mine shared this link earlier today and I pretty much DIED when I clicked it. Died, like dead. I’m a zombie right now (brraaainnnsss). Meet eShakti. They offer sizes 0-26… the clothes are so cute, and totally customizable! Oh, and the best part is the prices are completely affordable!! I am in LOVE with this dress. Wouldn’t it make the cutest little outdoor wedding dress? Not that I’m getting married anytime soon but I saw that it comes in white and instantly pictured a wedding! I think it’s darling… I know where I’m going the next time I need snazzy new dress!!


Happy Hair

31 Jul

I’ll let my Yelp review speak for itself…

***** “I made an appointment at the Bridge Salon on a whim this week after reading the previous reviews and I am SO glad I did. I can’t say enough about my experience…from my appointment phone call until I walked out the door, the staff was amazing. I had a cut scheduled with Teresa, who I didn’t know beforehand and she was fantastic. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted with a smile, she did a thorough consultation asking me how I wanted my hair to look styled, how much time I have in the morning, what products I like to use… she checked out a picture I brought in and told me how she was going to cut it and why it’s going to work for my hair. She did a great wash and even an aroma therapy scalp message that was AMAZING. After she cut my hair and was styling it, she showed me step by step how to get the look I wanted at home. The way she showed me was really easy to do and when she was done I was in love! The cut was great, the style was exactly what I wanted. Overall I couldn’t be happier!

My appointment was at 10:00 and I left at 11:15, which I loved. I hate when you go into a salon and they hustle you in and out trying to get more clients in to make more money. It just seems like they aren’t taking the time to get what you REALLY want and are paying for. This salon is definitely worth the price tag and I will be back to see Teresa in 6 or 8 weeks!!”

So yeah, I’m pretty stoked on the whole experience… one thing I didn’t mention in the review is how awesome the building and location of the salon are. It’s on Frazier downtown… it has it’s own gravel parking lot (yay for free parking!)… the building is brick and so beautiful with lots of character. Inside the salon flowed well and was very relaxing. It smelled like rosemary and mint (yum!) and they had some chill tunes playing… totally my kind of place. Teresa really was great!! We chatted the whole time about this and that and she answered every hair question I had. I’ve never found a stylist that I really trusted with my hair.. and that’s really why I’ve never be a “one salon” kind of woman but I think I have met my hair match. ❤

I’ve already called my Mom trying to get her to schedule an appointment… and Rachel and I are planning to make appointments in October before our fun birthday weekend!!

I’m as Free as my Hair

28 Jul

I have my first legit hair appointment in YEARS!! Yes, I said YEARS. I don’t get very many haircuts mostly because it’s so damn expensive and honestly.. because I have trust issues. When I was in middle school and high school (and didn’t pay to get my hair did) my Mom always let me to the same salon she used at the time. Now that I’m on my own and it’s becoming harder and harder to drop $100 on hair cuts I’ve been going to places like Super Cuts and Great Clips because the price  is fantastic for the trims I’ve been getting the last couple of years. Plus, my friend Amanda (imagine that, some else named Amanda) works at the Great Clips closest to me and she does an amazing job doing exactly what I want her to do… “Trim the bangs and snip the tips please”. The only thing I don’t like about these kinds of places is they get you in and out as fast as possible, which I totally get because when you’re charging $20 bucks for a haircut you have to get as many people in and out as possible just to make a dollar! So I’m not hatin’, alls I’m saying is… I want something more. I want an experience!! I want to go into a salon have a consultation with a stylist who can pick up on my personal style and give me a ‘do that suits me. And I’m not gonna lie, I’m reaalllllyyyyy looking forward to getting my hair washed. Not that I don’t do it myself (obv) but there’s something so very relaxing about having it done at a salon! The shampoo and conditioner they use smells A-MAZ-ING. Amazing!! I can’t wait!! So Saturday morning, that’s where I’ll be.. getting my hair did at The Bridge Salon downtown!! Here are some pictures I’m taking as inspiration for my stylist…

(images found via google image search)

Ps. Thanks to Lady Gaga for the title inspiration!! Check out THIS VIDEO of Gaga’s live performance of Hair on Howard Stern!

Late Night Window Shopping

29 Jun

Since it’s the end of the month, I am one broke as a joke gal! Even though I know I can’t spend any money it’s still nice to make fun little wish list! (1) “A Place of Yes” from Bethenny Frankel. I’ve been meaning to read her latest book since it came out.. now I have some actual motivation!! (2) Crest 3D Whitening Strips. This is another thing I’ve been meaning to do.. it’s not that my teeth are yellow and gross but they could definitely benefit from some whitening strips. Ps. Click HERE for a $5 off coupon when you purchase through Amazon!! (3) NYC Lip Stain in Rock on Ruby.. to go with my (hopefully) pearly whites! (4) Ukulele Songs by Eddie Vedder on vinyl.. it’s an amazing album that NEEDS to be had on vinyl!

Bethenny Frankel – A Place of Yes $15

Crest 3D White Strips $21 (after coupon)

NYC Lip Stain $5

Eddie Vedder – Ukulele Songs on Vinyl $23

Dollars saved? $64.

Music Festival Hair Do’s!

6 Jun

I’ve been struggling with what to do at Bonnaroo with the massive amount of hair that I now have.  Of course, I can always wear a ponytail or a messy bun.. but I feel like that’s ALL I’ve been doing lately and it’s time for a change!! I’ve been scouring my favorite blogs for about a week now trying to find the most rockin’ hair styles that are EASY and can be worn out in 100 degree heat!!



If it’s cool enough I might let my hair air dry and throw on a cute headband..


I love this post over at Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno .. here are a few of my favs…

(LOVE the feather!)

Hats are Where it’s At

1 Jun

Yesterday I purchased this cute straw hat for $1 at the Dollar Tree. While it was cute enough plain.. I thought it could use some jazzing up. I used a peacock feather, some wooden beads, and hot glue to give it some sass!

It’s soooo very important to protect yourself from the sun during the summer months here in Tennessee. It can be brutal!! And nobody enjoys a wicked sunburn!