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Alabama Shakes :: Always Alright

14 May


I am so love the Alabama Shakes. The affair started about a year ago and we’ve been going strong ever since. They were one of the acts I was most excited about seeing at Bonnaroo last year and I swear seeing them, in that atmosphere was pretty perfect. I knew they would blow up… and sure enough, I was right. Last summer they hit the festival circuit pretty heavy and now we’re all waiting on a new album. But in the mean time… here’s a rad tune that I discovered via a girls movie night!

The Alabama Shakes :: Always Alright

Well you come up stairs in the night to talk
Stay a little while then you do a little walk on home

I hear you downstairs smoking cigarettes, I hear your talking shit
Cuz you aint got nothing to talk about at all

Well you take me to the party you got me alone
Said you wanna feel good cuz you feel like your gonna explode

I don’t care I can’t pay attention, I don’t give a fuck about your
attention at all

Pass me the whiskey, pass me the gin
Pass me whatever that’s going to let me in?

Well I don’t care if it’s 7 in the mornin’
For all I care it could be the second comin’

You said you couldn’t take it anymore
You can’t live like this, it’s a really big deal

I don’t care I can’t pay attention, I don’t give a fuck about your
attention at all


We’re always alright

We’re alright

We’re always alright

We’re always

We’re always alright
We’re ready


Third Man Records

7 May

Anytime I travel to Nashville I always try to stop into the mecca of record stores… Third Man Records. It’s no secret that Jack White is my rock and roll god… so it’s like going to church. I haven’t been legit record shopping in ages and had a small TMR shopping list going. Sadly, I was only able to grab the Shovels & Rope single… so the Brittany Howard 7in. will have to wait. Boooo. They were even sold out of Jack White’s solo album Blunderbuss (No!! I still don’t have it on vinyl yet)!! I totally understand that the demand must be high but I really couldn’t believe they didn’t have a single one at the store. Oh well!! Hopefully next time!! I still walked out a happy girl!!





Ooooo Black Keys!!

5 May

black keys

A couple of days ago me and mine traveled to the great city of Nashville, in the name of seeing the Black Keys up close and personal!! I’ve seen them a couple of times now via Bonnaroo but I was in the back… and seeing a show I’m really into from the back is NOT my idea of a good time. But it’s Bonnaroo… and that’s just how it goes. So when Black Keys tickets went on a sale a few months ago I knew I wanted to snag a couple of GA tickets, so I’d have the chance to be up close. And close we were!! Timing really was on our side!! We walked into Bridgestone Arena around 7:30, got beers and merch, and then headed to the pit. We walked up right up front to what I would consider THIRD ROW and posted up! Luckily the crowd around us was pretty awesome and I had the freedom to get my groove on…. those Black Keys make me dancey in my pantsy!! Here’s the setlist, the show was ROCKIN’. These guys really know how to make a two piece band fill an arena full of people!!

The Black Keys

Bridgestone Arena – Nashville, TN


May 3, 2013

Howlin’ for You

Next Girl

Run Right Back

Same Old Thing

Dead and Gone

Gold on the Ceiling



Girl is on My Mind

Your Touch


Little Black Submarines

Money Maker

Strange Times

Sinister Kid

Nova Baby

Ten Cent Pistol

She’s Long Gone

Tighten Up

Lonely Boy


Everlasting Light

I Got Mine

black keys


(Isn’t Dan Auerbach dreamy in his rock n roll leather jacket?!)

Music Midtown 2012!!

27 Apr

Guess who’s excited?! THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE!! Two days ago I read that the two headliners for Music Midtown 2012 are PEARL JAM and the FOO FIGHTERS. Anybody who knows me knows that there are three music men in my life… Jack White, Eddie Vedder, and Dave Grohl. I love them all equally and for many different reasons. So this is like a BIG deal for me, to see both Pearl Jam – who I’ve loved since my high school days and the Foo Fighters – who I’ve probably loved just as long… two bands I’ve been DYING to see for a long while now. It’s like a music miracle! A MUSIC MIRACLE I SAY!! And the best part? This little music miracle is only going to cost me $129. YEP. That’s right. Less than $130 for TWO bands I’d pay $100 a pop to see! HALLELUJAH!!

I’m also pretty stoked about seeing the Avett Brothers again, as well as Florence + the Machine!! AND I have to admit the gangsta inside of me is super pumped about Luda and T.I. (I hope Tiny’s there too, I love her!! haha). OH and guess who else is going to be there? Joan Jett!! Doesn’t get much cooler than that!

YAY!! I finally get to see Dave Grohl and his feather tattoos!! Can’t wait!!

Dave Matthews Wannabe

5 Apr

Anybody still watching American Idol totally knows who I’m talking about… the one and only Phillip Phillips. Yes, that’s really his name. I have to say… even though he’s an OBVIOUS Dave Matthews wannabe, I kind of love him. Of course, I’m a HUGE DMB fan so I already dig his sound. What I don’t like is how MUCH he’s like Dave, it’s almost creepy. Dave has a certain awkwardness about him that (in general) most people don’t have… and the way he performs is in that same vein. It’s completely possible that Phillip Phillips has no idea who Dave Matthews is, but I seriously doubt it. It’s just TOO similar. I can’t believe the judges and AMERICA haven’t called his bluff yet!!

Like I said, I totally love him. I just wish he had a style that is all his own, that’s all.

I’m in LOVE.

2 Apr

It’s true. Over the weekend, a friend of mine MADE me listen to the very wonderful Susan Tedeschi. he was blown away that I’d never checked out any of her stuff… so while we were sitting around the fire on Sunday he pulled this tune up on Youtube.  And that was it. Love at first listen. It’s like Janis Joplin and Bonnie Raitt had musical baby! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Susan Tedeschi – Hurt So Bad

I miss the arms that used to hold me
The tender way we used to kiss
I miss the way that you touch me
I miss the sweet taste of your lips

I was a fool to ever leave you
You were a fool to let me go
Oh it’s so lonesome, lonesome here with out you
Oh how I miss you so

It hurt… it hurt… it hurt so bad
You were the best man I ever had
Why was I so blind to see?
Now the biggest fool is me

I miss the arms that used to hold me
The tender way we used to kiss
Ooo… yes… ooo… I miss the way that you touch me
I miss the sweet taste of your lips

It hurt… it hurt… it hurt so bad
‘Cause ooo you were the best man I ever, ever, ever had
Why was I so blind to see
And now the biggest fool is me

Oh Oh what a fool I was darlin’… yes…
And oh you were a fool to let… let me go… why did you let me go?
It’s so lonesome here with out you
Oh how I miss you so

Oh Oh now yes
Don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it oh lord no!
I miss you oh yeah!
Come back Oh! come back to me, yes
Oh how I miss you
Oh I miss you so
Oh Oh Lordy, Lordy, Lordy Oooo……..
Don’t do it, Oh! Come on baby Come back to me
Oh how I miss you so
How I miss you so
Oh,oh,oh,ooooo….Lord now
Oh I miss you baby

I’m Gonna Give You My Love…

29 Mar

I’m not saying I haven’t been impressed with the talent on American Idol this year… I’m just so over it. They seemingly do the same boring songs every year, with the same goofy band… I’ve even started to hate Steven Tyler… and I’m NOT okay with that. And Ryan Seacrest? Oh lord, don’t get me started.

Anyway, LUCKILY I caught the last 30 minutes last night and boy am I glad I did! The wonderful Elise Testone rocked it OUT to Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love. I am a major Zeppelin fan and I absolutely LOVED it. Not many people can pull off Robert Plant’s amazing vocals but I think Elise does a pretty fantastical job! Best performance of the night for sure!!